Daily Routine

This routine is just a guide as too what may happen while children are at my setting. Every day brings something new and exciting for children to explore and I will use these opportunities to follow their interests.
Children’s days are a relaxed and fun balance of adult-led and child initiated activities as required by the EYFS. Each day the children can choose what they want to do and they can get out the resources, then for large parts of the day children have free access to the games and toys and choose their own play, with myself ready to help and support them if needed.
When I plan activities for the children, they will be based on their individual interests.
When children are able to contribute to the planning, their opinions are asked and their suggestions included where possible.
During the day we have some structure because the children prefer it that way.


· Morning – after breakfast and school runs we usually go out to a group or the park. We go to a variety of groups including toddlers and music sessions depending on the days children attend.

· Lunch time – we sit together and eat, after which the little ones have a rest or sleep and the older children can have one-to-one time, following their interests or getting involved in planned activities;

· Afternoon – we like to play either inside or outside (we like to go out in all weathers!) painting, cutting and sticking, story time, play dough, messy play, water and sand, singing and dancing. We will also pick up school aged children for after school care;

· Tea time – the children can help in the kitchen and prepare tea, set the table etc. before we all eat together. Most children go home after tea.

Some days we have visitors or go on outings to visit other Childminders homes which is a great way for children to play with lots of different toys and equipment